All of us have anniversaries, including birthdays, marriages, graduations and much more. I have one today, well, not mine alone.

TODAY IS THE THIRD YEAR OF ANNIVERSARY FOR THE VISION AND HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH ROE (Rock of Escape), which I am the overseer by the will and mercies of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

This day in 2013 started like any other day but would later end like no other. I was in Denmark on a mission. I did whatever I regularly do, but throughout the day the Lord revealed to me through many various signs, both divine and natural that the time to walk, live and breath according to the Vision that He planted in my heart and had shown me has now just come to pass. I became very emotional, I was not crying, but I had a high, deep joy piercing my heart.

When I started to share the Vision some were happy, and others were sad, some believed, and others didn’t, some were brave and were afraid, some made it their mission to be pillars of the vision and others to destroy it, some blessed the vision and some cursed it.

They prevented me in the day of my calamity: but the Lord was my stay. – Psalms 18:18 KJV

On my Instagram I shared this post below, which is a small glimpse of what I experienced fighting for the Vision:

If you value friends, comfort, money, logic. . . And family, yes family! More than the vision, goal or dream you got from God, you will never live to see it accomplished. For the greatest opposition often comes from what has mentioned above. Joseph is the perfect example.

To be able to celebrate the third year anniversary today together with those who are found in ROE, it humbles me and would like to confess that without God this would’ve not been possible. For the Lord has proven that His Words are mightier than the words of men, That His attentions towards ROE are mightier than the attention of the hearts men, that His promises are more exceedingly than unbeliefs, That His foolishness is higher than the wisdom of men.

img_6961I genuinely keep near to my heart those who believe in the vision and fight, suffer, rejoice, mourn for the Vision together. For only few will believe in your vision even if it came from God, but when the vision begins to reign in its glory people will eventually know this thing was made known to them before the time.

Perseverance to the end is a must when you want to fulfill your God-given purpose.

Yours in Christ, Timothy Jeremiah.


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