You know the right thing to do, and it takes a whole lot from you, there are too many variables involved, and when you start to think about it you lose your way and end up in a trap of no action at all.

I have been there too many times until I learned a valuable lesson that I would love to share with you hoping it will impact your life the way it did in mine.

One day I woke up and realized change was needed and necessary for our youths in the church (the church I went to in Sweden before God called me into ministry) but that change couldn’t happen without their participation, and at that time I was so convinced that they were far from ready.

I went for five months complaining that nothing was going on for the youth and when I wanted to do something about it, I couldn’t figure out where to start. No one seemed to care even the youths didn’t appear to care at all, but I wanted the change for us so bad, but I was captivated by my thoughts: “It’s too tough, there are a thousand things you don’t know about them, and why would they listen to you? Why would they care now?”

Then one day after few prayers, I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was on the bus on my way to work, and the bus was packed with youths younger than myself at the time (as they were going to school), and there were no seats left. Few bus stops later a group of 15-20 who were of the age of 50’s or plus entered the bus. None of the youths offered a seat to the poor elders who had stood for about 15minutes in the bus. During that time I heard an audible voice saying: “pay attention and observe for I am about to teach you what you should do.” A few seconds later I saw one of the youths standing and offering his seat to one of the elders and 2 seconds after I saw the rest of the youths offering their seats all at once and none of the elders was without a seat. Then the voice came back to me and said: “do you now know what to do?”, and my answer was “yes, Lord.”

The next day I announced in front the whole church: “From this week on the Youth Service will have its first meeting this Thursday and I invite all the Youth’s to join.” No one responded right away, but when it was Thursday, I expected to be alone, but all the Youths attended the meeting. Our Youth Group was even attracting people outside of the Church.

Here’s what I learned from it and it’s the same for any change that you want to see in your own life or your environment.

Just One Step…

One visible and firm action can move a whole crowd, and it doesn’t have to be huge, but it must be definite and convincing. The first step is the hardest but once you have taken that first step the rest will come by itself. You can figure out longer-term plans, ideas, and strategies on how to maintain all things in order and together afterward. You will never get to do it if you don’t only focus on that one step that matters, and instead, you will always be terrified of the unknowns, what you need to do, the processes and the challenges that you will meet along the way.

That one first step that seemed to be too small moved all the Youths to action in the church.

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